Quintanar Vein Sandstone

Quintanar Sandstone

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Quintanar Sandstone

Quintanar Vein Sandstone. Custom works, cut to size, slabs and standard formats tiles, wholesale supplier.
It has a fine, consistent texture thanks to the grain it is made of. Solid and hard. It is a unique colour, with salmon naunces, the darker reddish vein lends somoothess and originality. This material is used for interior and exterior. 
Available finishes. Saw cut, honed, rubbed, bush-hammered.

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Features Test Method Value
Apparent specific weight 1936:1999 2,18kg/m3
Porosity 1936:1999 17,60%
Resistance to compression 12372:1999 3,3MPa
Flexural resistente after freezing/thawing 40 cycles 4,4MPa
Abrasion resistance 14157:2002 23,0mm
Slip resistance 1341:2002 85
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