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Dark Emperador Marble

Dark Emperador Marble is a dark brown dolomitizated limestone material, compact, fine-grained, with white veins, it presents abundance of small interlaced yellowish seams.
Our stones products are of the highest quality, consistency nad beauty, suitable for all kind of ornamental projects.
Dark Emperador Marble admits any surface finish and it can be delivered in different formats.

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Synonyms of Dark Emperador Marble: Emperador Dark Spain, Marron Emperador, Marone Imperial, Dark Emperador, Dark Emperador Marble, Dark Imperador, Emperador Dark, Emperador Dark Marron, Emperador Scuro, Imperador Fonce, Imperator Dark, Marron Imperial, Castanho Imperador Escuro


Features Test Method Value
Abrasion resistance 0,55 mm
Apparent specific weight 2,68 gr/cm3
Absorption coefficient 0,35 %
Resistance to compression 1361 kg/cm2
Flexural strength 158 kg/cm2
Impact resistance 31 cm
Knoop microhardness 157 kg/mm2
Porosity 1,20 %
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