Negro Marquina Marble Produts

Slabs, Tiles, cut to size, Blocks.

Negro Marquina Marble

Negro Marquina Marble is a fine-grained and compacted rock with black background and calcite veins irregulary distributed over its surface. Finishes,  polished,  honed and riverwashed. Available in slabs, tiles, cut to size and blocks.
Recommended usage, counter tops and bars, wall and floor tiles.

Synonyms: Black Markina, Black Marquina, Black Marquinia, Marquina, Marquinia, Marquinia Marble, Negro Bilbao, Negro Markina, Negro Marqina, Negro Marquino, Nero Bilbao, Nero Markina, Nero Maraquina, Nero Marqina, Nero Marquina, Nero Marquina Venato, Nero Marquine, Nero Marquinia, Noir Marquina, Prete Marquinia, Preto Marquina, Spanisch Schwarz, Spanish Black

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