Caliza Capri Limestone

Caliza Capri Limestone
Caliza Capri

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Caliza Capri

Caliza Capri Limestone is a creamy white coloured limestone with some small fossils. Honed, polished, bush-hammered and spilt faced finishes. Formats can be supplier, slabs, tiles, cut to size and blocks. Our products are of the highest quality, consistency and beauty, suitable for all kind of ornamental projects, for interior and exterior works.

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Features Test Method Value
Water absorption by atmospheric pressure (%) 3,01
Permeability 200/250
Abrasion resistance (mm) 22,5
Bulk density kg/m3 2.540
Slip resistant rough finished surface (RSV) 42
Flexural resistance medium value (MPa) 15,3
Fire reaction Class A1
Flexural resistance standard deviation (MPa) 1,8
Flexural resistance lower expected (MPa) 11,8
Flexural resistance after freezing/thawing 48 cycles (%) 17
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