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Green Ubatuba Granite

Green Ubatuba Granite is a dark green tone rock. Homogenous composition and medium grain size. Finishes, polished, honed, rough, bushhammered, sandblasted, riverwashed and famed. Available in slabs and tiles. Especially suitable for kitchen and bahtroom countertops.

Synonyms of Ubatuba Granite: Green Ubatuba, Ubatuba Granite, Verde Bahia, Verde Butterfly, Ubatuba Green granite, Uba Tuba Granite, Verde Ubatuba Light, Verde Ubatuba Light, Bahia Green, Emerald Green Granite, Granito Verde Ubatuba, Labrador Green, Ooba Tooba, Ooba Tuba Granite, Ooba Toba, Ubatuba Gold, Verde Amazonas, Verde Amazonia, Verde Minas, Verde Ubatuba Gold

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