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Niwala Rosa

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Niwala Rosa

Niwala Rosa Limestone  is a porous shell rock. Pink orange colour with an abundace of fossils. It can be used either   honed or rough. Interior and exteriors aplications, mainly front  exteriors. Availables formats, tiles, slabs, cut to size and blocks.

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Features Test Method Value
Apparent density kg/m3 2.180
Open porosity (%) 10,4
Water absorption by atmospheric pressure (%) 4,6
Permeability to the water staem 200/250
Abrasion resistance (mm) 20,5
Flexural resistance medium value (MPa) 7,5
Flexural resistance standard deviation (MPa) 0,6
Flexural resistance lower expected (MPa) 6,3
Flexural resistance after freezing/thawing 48 cycles (%) 16
Slip resistant honed surface finish (RSV) 50
Fire reaction Class A1
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